Tenant Representation

What is Tenant Representation?

Burns Scalo Brokerage offers experienced Tenant Representation Services to companies, corporations, institutions and organizations for all of their commercial real estate needs including relocations, lease renewals, selling property, buying property, investment real estate and new construction. Burns Scalo Brokerage has successfully Tenant Representation Services involving office, flex, industrial and retail space throughout Southwest Pennsylvania and beyond.

When Tenant Rep is Right For You

The Burns Scalo Portfolio of commercial real estate is extensive but should our qualified team not be able to accommodate your space needs, consider engaging our Tenant Representation Services to assist you in locating and negotiating that definitive space.

The Value of Strong Representation

Engaging Tenant Representation Services through Burns Scalo Brokerage provides immediate depth to your organization. We are prepared to define, analyze and solve all of your real estate needs, allowing you to focus on your core business. We know how to approach the market, negotiate all forms of real estate transactions and can provide a unique, personal and passionate level of service, aligning with your team throughout, giving you full and complete access to all of our resources, knowledge and wealth of experience.

Get Started

Gregory Schuster

Mobile: (412) 670-9363

Direct Office: (412) 250-3293

How it Works

1. Identification

  • Establish Team and Objectives
  • Quantify Short and Long Term Needs
  • Understand Adjacencies and Efficiencies
  • Define Space Requirement
  • 2. Determination

  • Perform Complete Market Analyses
  • Review and Recommend All Options
  • Shortlist and Tour Properties
  • Prepare Detailed Request for Proposals
  • Formulate Comparative Deal Analyses
  • Leverage All Negotiations
  • 3. Implementation

  • Property Selection and Lease Negotiations
  • Full Review of Construction Estimates
  • Relocation and Vendor Services Consultation
  • Set Project Timeline and Coordinate Oversight
  • Abstract Documents and Project Milestones
  • Sustain Follow Up and Ongoing Communication

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    (412) 250- 3000