How many SQFT do I need?

There are a variety of equations used to calculate the SQFT you need in a commercial space. The equations range depending on the use of the space (cubicles, work group areas, open office). The most general calculation would be 80 SQFT/ per person. Our Leasing Specialists are also always available and can assist you in finding the office that works most efficiently to accommodate your businesses functionality.

What is “flex office”?

Flex space is a combination of office space and warehouse space, offering drive-in doors or loading docks within one suite. The word “flex” stands for flexible, referring to the accommodation available for both office and warehouse space. We offer a variety of flex spaces in our businesses parks, so just ask!

What is “walkability”?

This buzz word refers to the ability to walk to all nearby amenities. Walk to lunch, walk to grab coffee, have a walking meeting, or walk for exercise on your lunch hour. We find walkability to be highly important in client happiness and retention, and that is why we make a valiant effort to introduce walking trails and share with you our list of local amenity discounts.

What is “built-to-suit”?

Build-to-suit is a customized buildout of your future office space. BSRE Project Managers are experts on build-to-suit with their team of esteemed contractors, architects, and designers who will exceed your expectations.

Do I need to furnish a space myself?

The answer here is yes, however our Leasing Specialists are easily able to connect you with the best furniture companies in our area who will complete your space without hassle.

How soon can I move in?

The majority of our spaces are move-in ready suites that can be occupied within a week, yes 1 WEEK! However, the time it takes for us to prepare your new office depends on the improvements needed, lease negotiation length, design, permitting/approvals, bidding time and of course build-out length. We pride ourselves in how quickly we can turn over even the largest most difficult improvements and buildouts, that being said, we are confident in having Tenant Improvements completed in between 3 to 5 months from Lease signing.

Can I customize my space?

The answer is Yes. All of our spaces can and will be modified to fit any of your unique needs. We have project managers on our team that make it happen!

Who handles maintenance?

We have a full staff of Field Technicians assigned to each of our properties who handle all client maintenance requests within a 24 hour turn around period. When you move into your space you will be introduced to your specific Field Technician who will be your point of contact for anything you may need.

Are your spaces sustainable?

Yes! We are committed to and extremely passionate about sustainability at our company. We try to eliminate our carbon footprint by building sustainably, using solar energy, installing LED lighting, conserving electricity and water use, recycling, and spreading the importance of our commitment to everyone in our client base. The majority of our buildings are Class G and/or LEED certified as well.

What if I grow out of my space?

The best part about doing business with BSRE is that we have a very wide, very broad portfolio of office space available at all times. We are happy to see your business expand and have the ability to accommodate any future growth during your lease term.


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