Tuesday November 14th on an early morning just south of Pittsburgh, a group of 200 individuals attended Allegheny County’s Next Boom Town Event hosted by Burns Scalo Real Estate at Beacon I. A panel consisting of Allegheny County Executive Rich Fitzerald, Pittsburgh Airport CEO Christina Cassotis, Integra Realty’s top Appraiser Paul Griffith, South Fayette Commissioner Gwen Rodi and State Representative Jason Ortitay discussed the area’s current and future development with excitement.

Moderator, Jim Scalo- President of Burns Scalo Real Estate stated, “South Fayette is the next win on I-79,” naming it “the next BOOM TOWN”. The panelists were asked several questions about the Southern Beltway scheduled to be completed by 2020 connecting the Pittsburgh International Airport to I-79. They conversed about the increased development that will occur along with the new roadway in addition to the increased connectivity that the south will witness.

The County Executive shared his observations on Pittsburgh’s draw for talent, tech companies, and industrial businesses especially in the Southern Corridor which offers accessibility between the airport and downtown. “Large corporations are looking at Pittsburgh for the first time in decades!” Fitzerald stated with enthusiasm.

The hot topic of Pittsburgh’s soon to come new International Airport was discussed by CEO Christina Cassotis in detail. She described the new-found ease passengers will encounter when traveling in the future. “It is all about the customer experience” she said. Connectivity via the Southern Beltway will be in sync with the timing of the new development of the airport, creating an entirely new capability and effortlessness travel to and from Pittsburgh.

Overall, the consensus of the event was that South Fayette is perfectly positioned for the current and future planned development and rightly named “The Next Boom Town” in the Pittsburgh area.