The Millennial generation sways between receiving a positive, intelligent, innovative reputation and a lazy, self-absorbed, entitled one. These characteristics, on both ends of the spectrum, truly reveal themselves when Millennials leave college and enter the work force, where employers are actually aggressively seeking them. In the CRE world we are seeing more and more corporations relocating closer to universities purely for accessibility to the talent pool. At the end of the day companies who want fresh new hires must adjust according to what Millennials will settle for at work. This generation has grown up in a lifestyle centric world where food and transportation arrives at the click of a button, same day deliveries are expected, and craft beer, naps, yoga pants, and organic food are an obvious must. So how do traditionally older companies now attract people so unlike themselves?

Let’s begin with the typical amenities that are very important to include at work. Free healthy snacks, free coffees & teas, onsite fitness center, outdoor trails and eating areas, bright colors, onsite bike storage, sustainably designed and managed facility, the list goes on and on. Millennials also rank purpose, collaborative feedback, and passion very high in importance in a work environment, so they’ll have to feel challenged and welcome.

Overall, we are starting to see corporations jump on the Millennial bandwagon, now constructing their commercial spaces new, innovative and of course sustainably. The trends in CRE open floorplans, LED lighting, daylight harvesting, open tall ceilings, large windows, comfortable huddle spaces and indoor greenery are not random. These trends were designed off of the feelings and requirements of Millennials as a workforce. Essentially bringing nature and comfortability into the place where employees spend 200 plus hours of their week has become a new standard in CRE.  Everyone better catch on before being left behind in our fast moving yet “chill” Millennial society.