Uber is the largest car rental service in the world and owns zero cars.  An insane but true statement that has rocked the 21st century, reinventing the way both businesses and individuals live. The 50-billion-dollar company continues to grow the brand each year introducing more and more startups under the Uber umbrella. UberEats, UberCentral, UberPool, UberEvents, and as of 2015 Uber for Business. Sitting in the Corporate Commercial Real Estate arena where brokerage, development and management companies are constantly looking to one up their competition, many CRE companies have agreed to jump in and take a ride with Uber. After committing to researching the topic I came across an eye-opening blog pot on the Uber for Business Blog that I highly recommend you read. Expanding on the blogs three maintouch points and how they will specifically help reinvent the CRE world.

Signing up for Uber for Business creates the opportunity to save money in development of large parking lots and structures provided for employee vehicles in and around the building. The Uber blog comments that paying for employees to take Ubers opposed to driving themselves to work saves the “$35,000 that it costs to build each parking space provided (on average).” This might be difficult for a landlord to justify at first discussion, but after learning about the available limits of destination and dollar amount per employee the idea might be reconsidered. The savings from using Uber for Business could be factored into rental rates and happiness of the tenants which directly relate to recruitment and retention of clients.

Secondly, how do you attract companies to real estate that may be outside the city limits? When an office is away from convenient public transportation and distanced from the centrality of a downtown it might not matter how spectacular your building is, companies care about their employees and employees care about location. This again is where having an Uber for Business account comes in handy. If a landlord or company is willing to offer employees an allotted Uber credit to get to and from work, downtown, airports, meetings, and amenities they are much more likely to be content with a less central location as home-base.

To piggyback on the previous point, connectivity leads directly to productivity of employees. If you could get your employees where they need to go on your dime faster and more efficiently wouldn’t it be worth it? For example, if an employee needs to get to downtown from outside a CBD and they have the option to take a free Uber they could avoid 1.) find parking- 15 minutes 2.) pay for parking- expensive 3.) walk to their destination- 10 minutes and 4.) walk back to their parked car- another 10 minutes. Add it all up and that’s 35 minutes minimum AND super inconvenient and frustrating for the employee. Uber for Business eliminates both wasted time and frustrations.  Happiness + Productivity = Success

Are you convinced yet? I know we at BSRE are ready to let Uber drive our business.